Exosuits, also dubbed Powered suits (パワードスーツ,   Pawādosūtsu?) are manned, humanoid vehicles utilized in the 2017 Godzilla film, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.


Exosuits possess a short, but stocky appearance, with a humanoid silhouette. The suit possesses two-toed, wide feet for supporting the vehicle's weight, and the hands of the Exosuit are claw-like in nature, seemingly designed for heavy-lifting.

Exosuits have two thrusters mounted on their torso, and multiple more on their back for braking and propulsion, respectively.


Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

Exosuits were seen in the vehicle bays of the Aratrum, being tended to by Yuko Tani, who was on the Exosuit team at the time. They would later be deployed to the planet's surface, alongside multiple other vehicles, weapons, and personnel.

Once Servum suddenly began to overrun Company A's camp, Exosuits were deployed in combat, and while they were able to contend with the Servum in physical and ranged combat, the Servum were also able to destroy them.

Exosuits would come into use later on as Haruo Sakaki's plan to destroy Godzilla Filius was put into motion. Haruo, alongside Yuko Tani and her exosuit squadron would rush into combat against the incapacitated Filius and bury their EMP probes into his now exposed spine. Filius would manage to hit one of the exosuits off, but not in time to prevent the majority of the probes from entering his body, resulting in his death.

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

Exosuits were used briefly during City on the Edge of Battle, with Yuko using one as a means of transport through both the Houtua caves and to Mechagodzilla City. Later, the Exosuit would be used as the basis for the Vulture, with three being able to be constructed.


EMP probes

EMP probes were hand mounted weapons on the Exosuits that were used to kill Godzilla Filius. They functioned by burrowing into Godzilla and causing the relatively balanced electromagnetic waves inside him to go haywire, destroying him from within.

20mm calibre Railguns

Exosuits possessed railguns mounted on their wrists, which were shown to be precise and very effective against Servum flying in the air.

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