The Exploration Car (探検車,   Tanken-sha?, lit. Exploration Vehicle) is a moon rover deployed from the Moonlight SY-3. It first appeared in the 1968 Toho film Destroy All Monsters.


Showa era

Destroy All Monsters

After the Moonlight SY-3 landed on The Moon, the Exploration Car was manned by a group of scientists and soldiers. Driving across the Lunar Surface, they searched for the Kilaaks, and found their base. The aliens began defending their base, causing the ground to burst into flames from the cannons mounted on the base's roof. However, the Exploration Car fired two missiles at the Base's entrance, exposing those within to the freezing temperatures of the natural satellite. Afterwards, the SY-3 began firing on the Kilaak Transmitter, but failed to cut through the device's transmission pole with its lasers. The scientists then had an idea to mount the Exploration Car's weaponry on the SY-3, and drove the vehicle back to the spacecraft. With the terrestrial vehicle's weaponry integrated into the SY-3's systems, the ship blasted the transmitter using the Exploration Car's lasers, destroying the transmitter and freeing Earth's monsters.


  • The Exploration Car can fire missiles from a small cannon.
  • The Exploration Car can fire a laser.

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