The FinalGigan (ファイナルガイガン,   FainaruGaigan?) is the Gigan suit design used in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla: Final Wars.


The FinalGigan's name comes from Godzilla: Final Wars's title, specifically the word final (ファイナル,   Fainaru?), and Gigan, which comes from Gigan's name.


This suit is a very radical redesign of the ShodaiGigan and MegaroGigan suits. The color of the suit is dark blue, the fin-like spines are now red, the buzzsaw in the abdomen is not as predominant or as noticeable as the ShodaiGigan suit and the beak appears to be a bit shorter than the ShodaiGigan suit.

This Gigan suit has more of a cyborg aspect than the space monster aspect as seen in the ShodaiGigan suit. When used for Modified Gigan (改造ガイガン,   Kaizō Gaigan?), the suit was given a newly molded head and two-pronged chainsaws.


  • The FinalGigan suit was also used to characterize Gigan in Toho's CR Godzilla 3S-T Battle game in 2006 and 2010.[1] However, since the suit appears to be based on the normal FGigan suit rather than the Modified Gigan suit, it's highly likely that Toho has either remolded the suit to make it look like the normal Gigan again or made an exact copy of the normal Gigan suit for these CR Godzilla games.

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