Biological Information

Skull Island


15 - 20 feet

Affiliation Information

Vastatosaurus rex

Production Information
Created by

Peter Jackson

Portrayed by


First appearance

King Kong

Last appearance

King Kong

Foetodon is fictional species of large predatory lizard that appears in the 2005 film, King Kong.


King Kong (2005)

After escaping from Kong, Ann Darrow ran through the jungles of Skull Island until she came upon a Foetodon feeding on the corpse of another creature. Despite managing to avoid drawing the beast's attention, another Foetodon happened to notice her just before she could leave, at which point the two creatures promptly initiated pursuit.

One of the Foetodon chased Ann into a hollow log, but was pulled away and eaten by a Vastatosaurus rex just before it could secure the kill. Its companion abandoned the hunt and proceeded to flee as the V. rex turned its attention toward Ann.


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