Look, this is what I do. This is my job. „ 

— Ford to Master Sergeant Marcus Waltz


Ford Brody (フォード・ブロディ?, Fōdo Burodi) is the son of Joseph and Sandra Brody, husband of Elle Brody, father of Sam Brody, and a soldier character created by Legendary Pictures that first appeared in the 2014 MonsterVerse film, Godzilla.


I'm sorry. It's just... every time I let him in close, he always tries to drag me back and I can't, I can't put our family through that. „ 

— Ford to Elle, about his father.

Having a Type A personality, Ford is stoic and generally level-headed, even in stressful situations. However, he ends up breaking his stoic demeanor a few times; namely when Joseph is mortally injured from the male M.U.T.O. freeing itself, comforting a lost child at the airport when the child is separated from his parents when he contacts Elle shortly before undertaking the train operation, and lastly when he reunites with her in the aftermath of Godzilla's fight with the M.U.T.O.s.

Despite these breaks in Ford's generally stoic attitude, he is depicted as being conscious of knowing when and where grieving and emotional outbursts are acceptable and is capable of being ready to shove his personal issues aside in order to pay attention to a greater issue.

Ford is also very selfless and resourceful, having voluntarily stays behind as his military comrades push forward with their goal, so he could create a makeshift explosive that would end up destroying the M.U.T.O. nest and inadvertently saving Godzilla's life.


Joseph Brody

Ford and Joseph's relationship suffers greatly after Sandra's death, with the two getting into minor arguments about the latter's trespassing into Janjira's old areas after the reactor's destruction. Despite this rockiness, he is genuinely horrified when his father is mortally wounded by the male M.U.T.O. freeing itself, and displays intense guilt and sadness over how he treated his father after he succumbs to his wounds and dies.

Sandra Brody

Very little is known about Ford’s actual relationship with his mother before her death. It can be assumed that they had a loving mother-son relationship and that Sandra’s death still haunted Ford for fifteen years.

Elle Brody

Ford and Elle have a loving marriage, and Elle encourages Ford to mend about his father.

Sam Brody

Ford deeply cares about his son Sam and Ford intends to spend as much time with Sam together upon finishing his latest deployment.

Ishiro Serizawa

Ford first meets Serizawa and Vivienne Graham when he picks him and his injured father to come with them to find out what his father knows about the male MUTO. Ford has barley interacted with Serizawa knowing that Godzilla would stop the male and the female MUTO. Ford later gets called in by Serizawa and Graham to explain Godzilla's backstory and history.

Vivienne Graham

Alongside Ishiro Serizawa, Vivienne Graham explains to Ford about the origins and purpose of Monarch. In return, he informs them about the male MUTO's echolocation.



Can we kill it? „ 

— Ford, about the MUTO

Ford watches the Janjira power plant collapse.

In 1999, Ford and his parents are living in Janjira, Japan, where his parents Sandra and Joseph work at the local nuclear power plant, as a nuclear regulations consultant and the lead engineer respectively. On his dad's birthday, Ford makes a "Happy Birthday" banner to surprise him but Joe is too busy on his phone to notice, and Ford goes off to school. Sometime later, Ford's teacher orders the class to evacuate, but instead of leaving, Ford looks outside his classroom window and sees the power plant collapse.

In the 15 years following the power plant collapse and the death of his mother in the incident, Ford and Joseph become estranged. Ford goes on to join the U.S. Navy, becoming a lieutenant and an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technician. He also marries a woman named Elle and they have a son named Sam. In 2014, Ford returns home to Elle and Sam in San Francisco while on leave from the military. He's notified that Joseph has been arrested in Japan after being caught trespassing in the now-quarantined Janjira. Despite being reluctant to get involved with his father again, Ford is convinced by Elle to go back to Japan and bail Joe out.

Ford and Joe investigate the ruins of Janjira.

Then, at Joseph's insistence, the two set out to investigate the truth as to what caused the incident. They head back to their old house in Janjira to try and find clues about the disaster, and they discover the place isn't radioactive as previously claimed. This leads them to being confronted by Monarch officials who bring them to the rebuilt power plant, now functioning as a large laboratory for studying a strange giant chrysalis. Ford and Joe are separated and as Joe is being interrogated, EMP pulses are being emitted seconds apart, affecting all electronics. When Monarch is forced to destroy the chrysalis, a large monster erupts from it after years of containment and starts to wreak havoc on the lab, killing and injuring many workers. In the ensuing chaos, to Ford's horror, Joe is mortally injured after the catwalk he is standing on is torn down by the M.U.T.O before it flies off.

The following morning, Ford is with Joe when he's being put in an ambulance for medical attention when Serizawa requests that they be brought with him in order to find out more about what Joseph knows. In the helicopter, while Ford and Joe are being transported to the USS Saratoga aircraft carrier, Joe tells Ford to get back to his family and protect them at all costs before he succumbs to his injuries and dies with Ford by his side. Aboard the USS Saratoga, Ford grieves his father's death before he is briefed on the purpose of Monarch, and the nature of Godzilla and the M.U.T.O. by Ishiro Serizawa and Vivienne Graham. The two explain the duo kaiju's role in the primordial food chain, and how 1954 nuclear tests that were performed were really intended to kill Godzilla. Ford tells the two scientists about Joe's efforts in monitoring echolocation signals given out by the M.U.T.O., indicating it was probably communicating with something. The three then join William Stenz in an effort to search for the recently escaped parasite.

Ford encounters the male MUTO in Honolulu.

Ford is dropped off in Hawaii as the male M.U.T.O. and Godzilla both arrive in the area, shortly after the former's being confronted by the U.S. forces stationed there. In the resulting carnage, Ford saves a young boy who, in the following morning is reunited with his parents. Shortly afterward, another, larger M.U.T.O. hatches in Nevada. The Monarch scientists then reason that the newly hatched one is female, while the former that was in Hawaii was male, and the echolocation it emitted was targeted towards the female for mating purposes.

Ford is then tasked with assisting a small regiment of soldiers in transporting a nuclear warhead across the countryside by train in order to draw out the M.U.T.O. and Godzilla and thus kill them. As night falls, the female M.U.T.O. arrives, destroys most of the military stationed by the train and steals the warhead, leaving Ford as the sole survivor. He is recovered by FEMA and other fellow military members who then reassign him to a newly authorized HALO jump with another squadron. The assignment involves jumping into the ruins of San Francisco to retrieve the second warhead stolen by the male M.U.T.O before it detonates within the city.

Ford stays behind to eradicate the MUTO nest.

Upon arriving in the city, Ford witnesses the female M.U.T.O. laying eggs while using a nuclear warhead as an energy source for her soon-to-be offspring. While Godzilla provides a diversion by fighting the MUTOs, Ford and his men remove the nuke but instead of leaving with the others, he chooses to stay behind and destroy the eggs. This inadvertently saves Godzilla as it distracts the M.U.T.O.s who rush to their nest to find it destroyed, granting Godzilla a reprieve. The female M.U.T.O then notices the wounded Ford and attempts to kill him. Godzilla, having gained his second wind, intervenes blasts the female M.U.T.O with his atomic breath twice, knocking her down long enough for Ford to escape.

Ford and Godzilla regard each other.

Ford is later present to see the weakened Godzilla fall to the streets after a skyscraper collapses onto his back. Both stare at each other before Godzilla fades into the resulting smoke. Then Ford witnesses his squadron attempt to ward off the newly recovered female M.U.T.O, who only responds by slaying them all with ease, leaving the warhead unattended. He quickly loads the warhead onto the boat and pushes it out to sea, only to be stopped by the female, who's EMP effect stops the boat. She roars at Ford and attempts to kill him before she's suddenly stopped by Godzilla, who proceeds to blow her head off with a concentrated blast of atomic breath.

Ford is reunited with Elle.

With the female MUTOs death, the EMP fades and the boat began to move once more. Ford begins to lose consciousness, mirroring the weakened Godzilla who collapses along with Ford. As the timer on the nuclear device ticks down, Ford is picked up by a military chopper that gets him off the boat, and he's barely conscious enough to witness the nuclear explosion far out at sea.

The next day, Ford is reunited with Sam and Elle, and after reconciling, they watch Godzilla on the news, who despite seeming dead from the battle, rises and returns to the sea.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Sometime after the events of Godzilla 2014, the US Military named a battleship after him being called the USS Brody as homage to him for his role in defeating the MUTOs. The USS Brody then heads alongside Admiral Stenz's fleet to Washington D.C., the United States' capital, where Ghidorah and Rodan are nesting to give the submarine containing Serizawa, Ilene Chen , Rick Stanton, Mark Russell, and the rest of the crew on the USS Scorpion time to revive Godzilla. It is assumed later in the movie that it was destroyed by Ghidorah’s gravity beams and sunk.

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