Fox Kids Magazine - Godzilla the Series was a web comic from 1998, featuring a short story based on Godzilla the Animated Series. The story was called Ice Cold Winter and featured Cameron Winter as the main antagonist.


In the Atlantic Ocean 100 miles south of Newfoundland, Zilla Junior is following the sound of a HEAT homing beacon used to summon him, with N.I.G.E.L in turn following Zilla Junior and reporting his whereabouts and other data back to HEAT. However, the beacon is been used by Niko and HEAT's old enemy, Cameron Winter, to lure Zilla Junior into a trap. Thanks to paying a generous grant from his company Solstice Technologies to the Canadian Minister of National Defense, Cameron is granted salvage rights to the waters by the Canadian Government and plans to capture Zilla Junior and continue with his original plan to create an army of mind controlled clones from the monster.

Upon arriving at the beacon's location, Cameron Winter blinds Zilla Junior with bright lights before his men successfully trap the monster using freezing cannons. Seemingly unbeknown to Winter, N.I.G.E.L is also frozen but is still functioning - transmitting details back to the HEAT Seeker and alerting Mendel Craven and the rest of the team as to what is going on, with Nick correctly guessing that Cameron Winter is responsible.

Confronting Winter as several boats tow the frozen Zilla Junior, Cameron reveals his salvage rights to the waters and his plans for Zilla Junior. During his monologue, however, Randy programs N.I.G.E.L to overheat - allowing Zilla Junior to break through the ice and attack the ships with his atomic breath - seemingly killing Cameron Winter in the process. As Nick tells the team to call the Coast Guard, Randy reveals what he did to free Zilla Junior from the ice - leaving Mendel frustrated as he sees that Randy's actions have once again led to N.I.G.E.L's destruction.


When Zilla Junior breaks free of the ice, he uses his atomic breath on one of the boats. However, his breath is shown as been orange in colour. This contrasts with the animated series, in which his atomic breath is green.

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