Gamera 2006: Hard Link (ガメラ2006ハードリンク,   Gamera 2006 Hādo Rinku?) is a spinoff manga to Gamera: The Brave.




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Toto (called Gamera by the researchers) has been placed under the control of the researchers of Amemiya.

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The Special Link shows the battle between Gamera and the Gyaos in the beginning of Gamera: The Brave in much more detail.

Gamera is being attacked by four Gyaos' sonic beams. Gamera kills a first Gyaos with a point-blank fire blast and then stomps on its head. The remaining three Gyaos keep firing at Gamera, but Gamera gets in his shell and charges up a fire blast which he fires at one of the Gyaos. Another Gyaos comes in and bites Gamera's arm, and Gamera throws it to the ground and fires at it, killing it. The two remaining Gyaos hover about, and Gamera fires another fire blast at one of them. From the smoke the Gyaos flies toward Gamera and unleashes a flurry of beams. Gamera punches it to the ground. However, the Gyaos continues its onslaught of beams just as the other Gyaos turns out to have survived and flies over to Gamera. Gamera begins spurting blood, and the two Gyaos feast on Gamera's entrails. Gamera, acknowledging he's been defeated, triggers his Fireball Ejection Suicide, killing both him and both Gyaos. It is revealed that 17% of the J.S.D.F.'s forces were lost due to Gyaos' attacks and Gamera's sacrifice.





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