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Gamera 2 (ガメラ2,   Gamera Tsū?) is a toy line produced by Bandai in 1996 for the film Gamera 2: Attack of Legion.


Eight-Inch Scale Figures

Bandai released two figures in the eight-inch scale, Gamera 1996 and Legion.

Gamera vs. Legion Set

Bandai also released a set of seven mini figures, Gamera 1995, Gamera 1996, Super Gyaos, the Mother Legion, and three Soldier Legion.[1]

Gamera 1996 DX

Bandai released a 10-inch tall electronic figure of Gamera from Gamera 2: Attack of Legion. Pushing on its head causes the figure to roar, while pushing its limbs into its shell allow its wings to extend and recreate Gamera's flying form.[2]

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