Scorch her! Scorch her! Don't leave a singe cell behind! Or else she'll regenerate! „ 

— Gamoni ordering her Sunerian troops to attack Rozan (A Space Godzilla)

Gamoni (ガモニ,   Gamoni?) is a space kaiju from the 1979 illustrated short story, A Space Godzilla, based on the unmade Toho film of the same name.



Gamoni appears as a roughly humanoid alien with a tail and breasts. The monster's face is mostly featureless, and it is covered in a number spike-like protrusions, and wears golden colored braces on its wrists and ankles.


A Space Godzilla

Gamoni is the general of the Sunerian army that attacks Planet Godzilla, who is defeated by Kunin and an adult Lilin. She first appeared in the second half of the story where he ordered Rozan's death and captured Lilin, giving him to the Sunerians. She then proceeded to destroy Rozan, ordering her troops to scorch her until she would not be able to regenerate. Gamoni doesn't reappear until the climax of the story where she helps the Sunerian Queen slay off several Godzillans and she then later fights Kunin and Lilin. After a long and an intense battle, Gamoni is killed when Lilin decapitates her and Kunin throws her head into a sea of sulfuric acid.


Extending neck

Gamoni could stretch out/extend her neck out to wherever and could use it to constrict or strangle against her enemies, such as Kunin during their battle.


Gamoni could fire out deadly flames from her breasts like flamethrowers.

Sharp claws

Gamoni had very sharp claws on her feet and hands that she could use to slash or claw at her opponents.

Throwing knives

Gamoni could shoot out flying knives in the shape of Nazi swastikas from her navel.


Gamoni could shoot out webs from her mouth to capture enemies.


Gamoni had a long black whip that she could use in battle.



  • A Space Godzilla was developed with the intent of becoming the 16th Godzilla film by Nobuhiko Obayashi, the director of House. Presumably, Gamoni would have been featured in it.
  • The name "Gamora" appears in the synopsis for both parts of the story in online sources, and has been assumed to be the monster's actual name by many, despite the monster's name being clearly visible in images of the monster circulating online. It is unknown where the name "Gamora" originated when referring to the monster, though it might be worth noting that it sounds similar to the name of the popular Ultraman kaiju, Gomora.
  • Had Gamoni been featured, she would have been the first (and only) Godzilla villain kaiju to speak English, wield a weapon and wear some clothing (in this case, golden gauntlets).
  • She is the only kaiju foe to actually succeed in killing Godzilla/a Godzilla, in this case, Rozan - with the exception of maybe Destroyah, who temporarily killed Godzilla Jr, even though he was later revived by the radiation emanating from Godzilla‘s meltdown.

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