Gandarguirus (ガンダーギラス,   Gandāgirasu?) is a Terror-Beast kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 18 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Zone Fighter titled Command: "Destroy the Japanese Islands".


Gandarguirus is a bizarre creature which appears to be a chimera of various species. His head resembles that of a walrus with red tusks.


Zone Fighter

Command: "Destroy the Japanese Islands"

Gandarguirus was used by the Garogas as a makeshift bomb. After Professor Tanzawa discovered a powerful energy source that he named PS73, the Garogas managed to infiltrate his laboratory and steal the sample, which they then fed to Gundarguirus. It was then discovered that a comet was approaching the Earth, and that if the comet came too close, the PS73 within Gundarguirus would explode, destroying Japan entirely.



Gandarguirus can fire a stream of fire from its mouth.

Red Fang Beams

Gandarguirus can fire two thin red beams from each of its two fangs. After colliding with an opponent, the beam will raise them into the air and spin the opponent at high speed, disorienting them.

Vaccuum Suction

Gandarguirus can suck up anything into it's mouth.


Gundarguirus uses edited Bemstar cries.

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