Garoborg (ガロボーグ,   Garobōgu?) is an electric kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 13 of Zone Fighter.


Garoborg has a blue body with red line patterns. There is a red line going down his chest that has golden circular objects on it. Above the circular objects there is a darker gold panel with wires connected to it. The wires also connect to his glass dome head. His left arm has two mechanical "fingers" and his right has a claw. Finally, he has a blue antenna-like object sticking out from the top of his head.


Showa Series

Zone Fighter

After a botched attempt on the Zone family's life goes sour, the Garogas unleashed Garoborg to finish the job. At first, Zone Fighter couldn't even touch the monster due to its shocks, but he used a tree and some static shock to hurt the beast. Soon after discovering the parts that fuel him, Zone destroys the parts, allowing him to punch and throw Garoborg without getting shocked. Before long Zone Fighter and Smokey finish off the monster. A second Garoborg would team up with Spider Uros and fight Godzilla before having missiles fired through his body causing him to die.


  • Garoborg can create strong shocks that electrocute anything which makes direct contact with him.
  • Garoborg can fire burning hot steam from the box on his head.


The glass dome on his eyes and brain are rather weak, and if damaged can make the beast lose its ability to create shocks. Ironically, Garoborg is unable to withstand electrical attacks from outside sources.


Garoborg reuses roars from the Ultraman Ace kaiju, King Crab.


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