The Garoga Spider (ガロガ スパイダー,   Garoga Supaidā?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the ninth episode of Zone Fighter, Search for the Secret of the Red Spider!.


The Garoga Spider is a giant crimson spider.


Zone Fighter

The Garoga Spider was deployed by the Garogas to mutate animals into Terror-Beasts. It managed to find a Gorilla and bit it. Garoga Spider's venom went into the gorilla's blood stream transforming it into Garoga Gorilla and in the process, Garoga Spider drank some of the mutated gorilla blood. Garoga Spider then flew away in a hurry and eventually mutated into Spider Uros from the gorilla blood.


  • Garoga Spider has venom that when injected into an animal, goes into its blood stream causing mutation and accelerated growth.
  • Garoga Spider can also fly at a moderate speed.


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