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The Garogas (ガロガ,   Garoga?) are an evil alien race created by Toho that first appeared in the 1973 tokusatsu series, Zone Fighter.


The Garogas are insect-like creatures. They have multi-colored bodies and silver faces with bug-eyes and floppy antennas.

The Gold Garoga (金ガロガ,   Kin Garoga?) also known as Baron Garoga (バロン ガロガ,   Baron Garoga?) has a gold head and antennae. His upper chest is also gold with rows of blue and red under it. His arms and legs are black and his gloves and boots are gold. He also has rows of gold spikes on his arms.

The Silver Garoga (銀ガロガ,   Gin Garoga?) has a silver head and antennae. His entire body is red with the exception of a blue streak across his stomach. His arms and legs are black, but his upper thigh areas are yellow. His boots and gloves are yellow along with rows of yellow spikes on his arms

The White Garoga (ホワイトガロガ,   Howaito Garoga?) looks exactly like the Silver Garoga except for his head and antennae being white. He also occasionally wears a yellow cape.

The Red Garoga (レッドガロガ,   Reddo Garoga?) has a red head, but his antennae have red and white stripes in a candy cane-like fashion. His body is completely red except for a blue streak across his stomach. Like all the other Garogas his arms and legs are black. His boots and gloves are white and also like the other Garogas, he has rows of spikes on his arms. These spikes are white to match his gloves and boots.


Zone Fighter

The Garogas are natives from the planet Garoga and are opposed by the Sakimori family, survivors from Planet Peaceland. Peaceland is one of the Garogas' past conquests. Their foremost champion is the family's oldest child, Hikaru, who is able to transform into the giant Zone Fighter. The Garogas operate in space and send down their monsters named Terror-Beasts or Fearbeasts to destroy Hikaru and Earth.


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