Gejiba (げジルバ?, Gejiruba) is an oni kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 24 of Go! Godman.


Gejiba has beige skin, and is covered in blue and white fur. Everything on his head is very large, from his nose, to his eyes, to even his head itself. He also has some of the blue fur on the top of his head and around his nose area.


Go! Godman

Gejiba was sleeping in a mountainous area, but was awoken by a battle between Godman and Wolflar. After being awoken, Gejiba was angered and started attacking Wolflar with kicks and swings. After getting Wolflar our of the way, he swung towards Godman and began to fight him. Gejiba was starting to overpower the hero, but Wolflar joined back in the battle and fought the Oni once again. The two monsters fought a little longer before Gejiba managed to get behind Wolflar, and rip off his tail. Red mist blasted out from Wolflar’s wound, and caused him to fall over and explode. Gejiba roared in victory, still holding the sacred tail. This gave Godman a chance to fight, so he did. After another long battle, Godman used his Super Sonic Wave attack, and set Gejiba ablaze, leaving Godman victorious.

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