The Genitor swarm are fish-like kaiju that first appeared in the MonsterVerse comic, Godzilla Dominion.



The Genitor swarm resemble their larger alpha, but significantly smaller in size and with less exaggerated features. They are large Dunkleoesteus-like fish with large jagged fangs, forward-facing eyes, and bodies that are blue and purple in coloration.


As individuals, the Genitor swarm has shown ravenous hunger and fearlessness in battle. Despite being significantly smaller than Godzilla, the creatures showed no quarrel with swarming the alpha Titan in an attempt to eat him alive.

Operating under a hive mind, the Genitor Swarm follows and obeys the commands of the larger Genitor. However, if their alpha is killed, the hive mind is broken and the creatures will proceed to aimlessly swim around and devour whatever they come across, even the remains of their former alpha.


Godzilla Dominion

As Godzilla checks on the remains of his old lair, a single Genitor swarm swims out and bites him, but is swatted away after failing to break through Godzilla's hide. Not long after, the rest of the swarm emerges and attacks Godzilla. While unbothered, Godzilla senses a greater threat and is attacked by the swarm's alpha, Genitor. In a short battle, Godzilla snaps the Titan's body in half which kills it instantly, while also breaking the hive mind influence the creature had over the swarm.

The swarm proceeds to feast upon the remains of their former alpha as Godzilla watches. Realizing that the creatures emerged from a Hollow Earth vent within the crater of his former lair, Godzilla fires his atomic breath into the hole, sealing it shut and preventing any more swarm from escaping to the surface.

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