The Giant Boa is a giant snake kaiju that appeared in the 1976 film, King Kong.


After Kong brought Dwan back to his lair, he was suddenly attacked by a giant boa constrictor. Kong lunged at the serpent to keep it away from Dwan. The boa constricted itself around Kong and tried to crush him. While the giant ape was distracted, Jack Prescott arrived and rescued Dwan. When Kong saw Prescott take Dwan away, he became enraged and grabbed the boa's jaws, tearing them apart. Kong tossed the giant snake's lifeless body aside and pursued his bride back to the village on the outskirts of the jungle.


  • The giant boa is the only other kaiju besides King Kong to appear in the 1976 remake. Unlike in the other versions of the story, Kong never does battle with any dinosaurs on Skull Island, and his brief skirmish with the giant boa is the only monster battle in the entire film.
  • The giant boa is the second snake kaiju to battle King Kong, the first being the Giant Sea Serpent from King Kong Escapes. The giant boa may also be inspired by the cave serpent that battled Kong in the original 1933 film.
  • The way in which Kong kills the giant boa, by breaking its jaw, is a tribute to how Kong iconically defeated the Tyrannosaurus rex in the original film.
  • Originally, Kong's fight with the giant boa was much longer, but the filmmakers decided to cut most of the fight. Some DVD releases of the film include the full uncut fight as a special feature.[1]


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