The Giant Condor (大コンドル,   Ookondoru?, lit. Large Condor), also known as the Giant Eagle (大ワシ,   Oowashi?, lit. Large Eagle), is a giant bird kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1966 Godzilla film, Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.


According to Toho's Godzilla.jp website, the monster has two different names for its two appearances: Giant Condor (大コンドル,   Ookondoru?, lit. Large Condor) in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep and Giant Eagle (大ワシ,   Oowashi?, lit. Large Eagle) in All Monsters Attack.


The creature's call is like that of an average bird, with nothing unique added onto its sound profile.


The Giant Condor's origins are unknown. It is possible that the Giant Condor is a type of giant prehistoric bird or that it was mutated by the radiation given off by the Red Bamboo's nuclear weapons facilities on Letchi Island. It is also unknown whether the Giant Condor was employed as a defense by the Red Bamboo, or simply attacked Godzilla of its own free will.


Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

The Giant Condor battling Godzilla in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

The Giant Condor appeared from the skies above Letchi Island and briefly grappled with Godzilla, but proved to be little more than a nuisance to the King of the Monsters, who roasted it with his atomic breath and caused its burnt corpse to plummet into the ocean below.

All Monsters Attack

In the dreams of Ichiro Miki, Godzilla was wandering around his home of Monster Island only to be attacked by the Giant Eagle. Godzilla fought briefly with the avian monster, but killed it with a blast of his atomic breath and sent its burnt corpse falling into the ocean.



The Giant Condor was able to use it's talons to claw at Godzilla, proving to be pretty effective.


Along with it's talons, the Giant Condor uses it's beak to try and puncture Godzilla.


Being a large species of bird, the Giant Condor can fly, at up to speeds of mach 1.



The Giant Condor is one of the first monsters in the serious to die to a single blast of Atomic Breath.


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