The Giant Turtle (ジャイアントタートル,   Jaianto Tātoru?) is a kaiju that appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode, End of the Line.


Godzilla: The Series

End of the Line

The giant turtle was first seen off the coast of Alaska when it sank the Borealis, the ship that Niko Tatopoulos and Audrey Timmonds were having a romantic cruise on. It damaged the ship, but left no casualties. It attacked again when it found them on a nearby deserted island, but it drew too close to Komodithrax's nest, and it was attacked and defeated. It later awakened and returned in an attempt to eat Komodithrax's egg. It was able to get the egg away from the nest while the military launched a missile strike on the island. Godzilla then attempts to stop the Giant Turtle from damaging the egg, but he is also defeated. Komodithrax then awakens and rolls him onto his back and pushes him into a fissure in the ice, but takes herself and her egg with it.


  • The Giant Turtle is capable of swimming and holding its breath underwater for long period of time.
  • The Giant Turtle has a thick spiked shell for its main body.
  • The Giant Turtle is armed with a clubbed tail similar to an ankylosaurus.
  • The Giant Turtle had enough strength to use its clubbed on Godzilla and enough jaw strength to cause the wounded Komodithrax to coma for short period of time.



  • The giant turtle may be a nod to Gamera or Kamoebas, simply due to the fact it is a giant turtle kaiju. Its ankylosaur-like features also bring to mind Anguirus.
  • Like Gamera, it possesses tusks on its lower jaw, however it is incapable of jet-propelled flight.
  • It seems to be a predator of Komodithrax's kind, as it is seen attacking her and her unhatched egg though most likely the egg as it seem to be more interested.
  • The Turtle presumably dies along with Komodithrax after falling off the ice cliff.
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