The Gigantic series is a line of very large, collectible toys released by X-Plus. Following in the line of the Toho Large Monster Series, and the 30cm Series, the Gigantic Series specializes in providing extreme accuracy akin to the toys' film counterparts, while buffing up the collectible's size exponentially.

This series is based around a consistent scale of 40+ cm, or approximately 17-18 inches. Fitting with their title, this makes the series the largest of the obtainable X-Plus created lines, being several inches larger than the 30cm line. They also tend to be the most expensive, ranging in at the hundreds of dollars, and in some cases, including the newest Shin Godzilla inspired molds, weighing in closer to $1,000.

2013 releases

Godzilla 2001

The debut figure of the Gigantic Series for Godzilla, Godzilla 2001 was launched in December, 2013. It would receive one variant in the future, that being the Blue Dorsal Fin Emission Version, which would end up launching in 2016.

The Emission version was molded with translucent blue dorsal plates, imitating Godzilla's famous atomic breath. In spite of this, there is no actual light up function to the figure. The RIC exclusive figure came with a miniature submarine prop, and a molded base with the film's title engraved onto it.

2013 release

Blue Dorsal Fin Emission version

2014 releases

Godzilla 1995

The second figure in the series, the 1995 Burning Godzilla, launched in August, 2014. The figure would go on to get many variants, including an SDCC exclusive, released in 2016, and a frozen version, also launched in 2016.

The frozen version would release with an ice-like effect painted onto the figure, emulating an attempted freeze scene from the film. It would also come with a miniature Super X3.

The SDCC would feature a pre-attached tailbase, had stronger red patches, with its smaller dorsal plates being whiter in tone as well.

2014 release

Frozen version

SDCC version

2015 releases

Godzilla 2000

The 2000 incarnation of Godzilla was the sole release of 2015. It was based on an original concept piece for the monster, created by Shinji Nishikawa. The figure came in two editions. One featuring purple dorsal plates, and one featuring translucent orange dorsal plates, imitating Godzilla's atomic power, which was RIC exclusive.

2015 release

Transparent version

2016 releases

Godzilla 1962

The 1962 Godzilla would be the first launched in 2016, coming in July. It came in two incarnations, one with a base paint job, and another featuring translucent blue dorsal plates, falling in line with most other figures in the Gigantic line.

2016 release

Transparent version

Godzilla 1954

The original 1954 Godzilla would be the second release of 2016, and would only have one incarnation released, lacking a translucent appearance for atomic breath.

2017 releases

Godzilla 2016

Two incarnations of the 2016 Godzilla would be released in 2017, both being representations of the creature's fourth form. One would possess red decals and a closed mouth, whereas the second variant would possess a purple glow from its spinal area, to the tip of its tail, and an open mouth, emulating its appearance in the film's midway point.

2017 release

Limited edition

2018 releases

Godzilla 1964

The 1964 incarnation of Godzilla had a prototype revealed at Summer Wonder Festival in 2017.

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