Gilmaras (ギルマラス,   Girumarasu?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the seventh episode of Zone Fighter, Zone Family's Critical Moment!.


Gilmaras resembles a vaguely fish-like dragon with blue skin. He has yellow fins on his head, similar to Titanosaurus, and a large crest fin which runs down his back from his head. He has yellow spikes over his belly and back, and he has a long tail. His eyes are bright yellow.


Zone Fighter

Garoga 13, disguised as Hotaru, had been trying to kill the Zone Family all day, but his plans were constantly failing. He set a bomb in the hotel room where the Zone Family were staying, but his disguise was foiled by Tsukiko. Garoga 13 started to attack, but Hikaru entered the room and transformed into Zone Fighter, and the two fought, taking the fight outside. Zone threw the Garoga over a cliff into a crater, but they transformed into Gilmaras to fight back! Gilmaras and Zone clashed, but Zone required little effort to defeat the monster.


  • Gilmaras has a sharp pointed nose
    • Gilmaras can remove this nose to shoot fire out of it.


Gilmaras reuses roars from the Return of Ultraman kaiju, Dangar which have been lowered in pitch.


  • Gilmaras looks very similar to Muruchi.

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