Go! Greenman (行け!グリーンマン,   Ike! Gurīnman?) is a Japanese tokusatsu show co-produced by Toho and Nippon TV that aired from November 12, 1973, to September 27, 1974. It is a followup series to Go! Godman, but the two series do not share canon with each other. A followup to this series was also later made called Go! Ushiwaka Koujirou.


Deep beneath a playground in Japan, Maoh, the source of all evil in the world, plots his escape from the Underworld after being banished there by God. To escape this underground imprisonment, Maoh must obtain the blood of human children. To do so, Maoh commands his loyal underling: Tonchiki and a race of servile clay dolls known as Minions of Maoh, to do his bidding. But, God sent out a robotic envoy: Greenman to protect the children and prevent Maoh from escaping. Maoh eventually granted Tonchiki the ability to mutate his subordinates into kaiju. After Greenman's first battle, he gave the children small devices called Green Calls which they can use to call him when in danger. From then on, it was up to Greenman to defeat the monsters and rid the Earth of evil. Eventually, after Greenman destroyed Pattern Kaijin and dealt Tonchiki a humiliating defeat, Maoh decided to deploy the final minion: Alter Ego Maoh. Unfortunately for him, the children decided to launch a counterattack, and killed Alter Ego Maoh before it had a chance to mutate. Because of this, Maoh took matters into his own hands and decided to teleport to the surface himself to obtain the blood; though because Maoh was banished, he was not able to move his legs. Despite this, Maoh turned some children into stones for Tonchiki to haul away to the Underworld. Greenman attempted to stop him, but was quickly overpowered by Maoh's dark magic. To save their hero, the remaining three children uses the Green Calls to give power back to Greenman. Now fully recharged, Greenman teleported to the Underworld and retrieved the stones. Using one of his tools, the Greenman Stick, he transformed the stones back to children and electrocuted Maoh, returning peace to the world.


  1. Greenman vs. Garamedon
  2. Greenman vs. Antguirus
  3. Greenman vs. Gejiru
  4. Greenman vs. Gaira
  5. Greenman vs. Bullpull
  6. Greenman vs. Tsunojiras
  7. Greenman vs. Stock
  8. Greenman vs. Valingar
  9. Greenman vs. Megahertz
  10. Greenman vs. Dragonda
  11. Greenman vs. Totsaurus
  12. Greenman vs. Danbaraki
  13. Greenman vs. King Takoras
  14. Greenman vs. Gabara
  15. Greenman vs. Gyaron
  16. Greenman vs. Mohtles
  17. Greenman vs. Bulguerrilla
  18. Greenman vs. Alien Dorok
  19. Greenman vs. Spider
  20. Greenman vs. Foksaurus
  21. Greenman vs. Blanca
  22. Greenman vs. Iho Killer
  23. Greenman vs. Gowarackdon
  24. Greenman vs. Jairock
  25. Greenman vs. Danketto
  26. Greenman vs. Seguro No. 1
  27. Greenman vs. Inbelun
  28. Greenman vs. Lorbabla
  29. Greenman vs. Giringa
  30. Greenman vs. Red Rock
  31. Greenman vs. Sanda
  32. Greenman vs. Sibilegon
  33. Greenman vs. Zarizon
  34. Greenman vs. Flasher[1]
  35. Greenman vs. Stegodzillas
  36. Greenman vs. Alien Tiborus
  37. Greenman vs. Yasugon
  38. Greenman vs. Gorilla
  39. Greenman vs. Spider II
  40. Greenman vs. Jilarji
  41. Greenman vs. Akumon
  42. Greenman vs. Kappalge
  43. Greenman vs. Kyupatto
  44. Greenman vs. Hotter
  45. Greenman vs. Cross-Dressing Kaijin
  46. Greenman vs. Minilla
  47. Greenman vs. Fonshuragon
  48. Greenman vs. Ninja Kaijin
  49. Greenman vs. Magic Kaijin
  50. Greenman vs. Tonchiki
  51. Greenman vs. Pattern Kaijin
  52. Greenman vs. Maoh


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Ryoichi Tanaka as Voice of Maoh
  • Taguchi Takashi as Voice of Tonchiki
  • Bou Ken Kaminarimon as Voice of Tonchiki
  • Asado Tetsuya as Commentary



Weapons, Vehicles, and Races

Video Releases

Toho Company Ltd. (2008)

  • Return of the "Good Morning" Heroes: Go! Go! Godman and Greenman BOX (帰ってきた“おはよう”ヒーロー 行け!行け!ゴッドマン&グリーンマンBOX,   Kaettekita “Ohayō” Hīrō Ike! Ike! Goddoman & Gurīnman Bokkusu?)
  • Released: 2008
  • Region: Region 2
  • Language: Japanese
  • Other Details: 1.33:1 aspect ratio, 70/74 minutes run time (disc 1/2), 3 discs, box set
  • Features:
    • Disc 1: Go! Godman, Godman Fighting Special (Digest versions of Godman's battles), Godman Monster List
    • Disc 2: Go! Greenman, Greenman Fighting Special (Digest versions of Greenman's battles), Greenman Monster List
    • Disc 3: Go! Godman (2008), Making of Go! Godman (2008), Godman Karaoke Hall


  • Many of the monsters in this show originally made appearances in either Toho films, Assault! Human, or Go! Godman. However, many of their suits had to be modified or repaired.
    • Gabara's suit is notably different, and appears to have a flatter face. His skin is bright green, similar to his appearance in All Monsters Attack, but he still lacks his ginger hair, and his chest is a duller shade of yellow.
    • Danketto is missing his trademark speaker-like wings, and his bright blue suit is more dull in color.
    • Totsaurus' suit appears to have had mild repairs done to it, and its 'feather wig' has more detail to it.
    • The Gargantua costumes in this show are in very poor condition. Not only do the suits look like they are rotting (despite a new paint job), but tears can clearly be seen in the legs.
      • Greenman battling Minilla

        Sanda has a new head and wig, and can spray out a mist which makes people sleepy.
      • Gaira, like Sanda, also has a new head and wig.
    • The Minilla suit in this show is brand new (and looks very cheaply built) and is not an actual suit from any of the Godzilla films.
    • Red Rock's suit's legs had to be cut off (most likely due to rot) and were replaced by a long, black undergarment worn by the suit actor.
    • A Flasher costume and Flasher Red Eye costume from Assault! Human were reused in Greenman, with the blue-headed Flasher's red chest straps being removed.


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Go! Greenman
Greenman vs. GaramedonGreenman vs. AntguirusGreenman vs. GejiruGreenman vs. GairaGreenman vs. BullpullGreenman vs. TsunojirasGreenman vs. StockGreenman vs. ValingarGreenman vs. MegahertzGreenman vs. DragondaGreenman vs. TotsaurusGreenman vs. DanbarakiGreenman vs. King TakorasGreenman vs. GabaraGreenman vs. GyaronGreenman vs. MohtlesGreenman vs. BulguerrillaGreenman vs. Alien DorokGreenman vs. SpiderGreenman vs. FoksaurusGreenman vs. BlancaGreenman vs. Iho KillerGreenman vs. GowarackdonGreenman vs. JairockGreenman vs. DankettoGreenman vs. Seguro No. 1Greenman vs. InbelunGreenman vs. LorbablaGreenman vs. GiringaGreenman vs. Red RockGreenman vs. SandaGreenman vs. SibilegonGreenman vs. ZarizonGreenman vs. FlasherGreenman vs. StegodzillasGreenman vs. Alien TiborusGreenman vs. YasugonGreenman vs. GorillaGreenman vs. Spider IIGreenman vs. JilarjiGreenman vs. AkumonGreenman vs. KappalgeGreenman vs. KypattoGreenman vs. HotterGreenman vs. Cross-Dressing KaijinGreenman vs. MinillaGreenman vs. FonshuragonGreenman vs. Ninja KaijinGreenman vs. Magic KaijinGreenman vs. TonchikiGreenman vs. Pattern KaijinGreenman vs. Maoh
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