Godman (ゴッドマン,   Goddoman?) is an alien warrior kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1972 Toho tokusatsu series, Go! Godman.


Godman's Japanese name, Goddoman (ゴッドマン?), is a combination of the the English words 'god' and 'man.'


Godman bears a very slight resemblance to Ultraman, with a similar colored suit. He also has a resemblance to Fireman. He is constantly seen wearing a dark blue translucent visor, from which a mat of blondish-white hair slightly covers it. In a similar fashion to Zone Fighter, he wears a pair of manacles on each of his wrists, a large belt around his waist, and a pair of anklets, all of which are blue and bear a large, golden letter "G."


Godman is a savior of Earth and protector of people. Unlike Ultraman, Godman very rarely considers sparing foes, and usually opts to beat the foe down until they are exhausted.


Showa Series

Go! Godman

Godman in Go! Godman

Godman is a native alien from the planet Fire God, and when on his home planet, he usually observes the Earth closely. When humans need his help from rampaging kaiju, Godman appears when they call his name, and defeats the monster, before returning to his planet for rest.

Millennium Series

Go! Godman (2008 Film)

Godman in the Godman movie

Godman comes to Earth once more to defeat Tsunojiras and protect Mika Ayase and Koichi Matsushita. To his surprise, Gaira and Jilarji also later appeared, resulting in Godman nearly being killed. But, Greenman was summoned to even out the score, and Godman was able to finish the two monsters off with his Super Sonic Wave attack.


Godman tends to fight tooth-and-nail, relying primarily on brute force and finishing moves. His strength is shown to be extremely great, as displayed when he tears Gorosaurus' jaws apart while defeating him. Godman can also conjure a variety of weapons and moves which he developed whilst living on Planet Fire God.


Godman is capable of flight, while human sized or monster sized, and can even fly from planet to planet.


Godman can alter his own size by shouting "Godman Enlarge!", and he often does so to fight rampant daikaiju.


Godman can fire God-Acid, a solution from his hand that dissolves monsters.


Godman can fire God-Sparks, energy bullets shot from his right hand's fingertip. This explodes the monster upon contact.


Godman can use his God-Circle, a frisbee-type discus weapon that has many unexploded bombs and explodes upon contact with its enemy.


Godman has a water-spray attack called the God-Shower.


Godman can use his God-Crush, a flail-like weapon.

Supersonic Wave

Godman's Supersonic Wave is a powerful spiral of supersonic waves that explodes his enemy.


  • If any of Godman's bracelets or anklets are removed, he becomes weaker; if he is in giant form, Godman will shrink back down to human size against his will.



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  • Godman was Toho's first television tokusatsu hero.
  • The necessity for Godman to return to Planet Fire God after each fight may be a homage to the Ultra series, in which after each battle, the Ultra will fly away to rest and turn back into their human hosts or forms.
  • Godman's God-Shower attack bears a striking resemblance to the "Ultra Shower" ability possessed by multiple Ultramen.
  • According to concept art, Godman was intended to have powerful lights in his eyes which would be utilized to see kaiju in darkness.[1]


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