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Godman vs. Gorosaurus (ゴッドマン対ゴロザウルス,   Goddoman tai Gorozaurusu?) is the sixth episode of Go! Godman.


The episode starts with children being menaced by a giant, dinosaurian kaiju named Gorosaurus who is rampaging through a city. They call out for Godman, who immediately appears soaring through the sky. He descends to the ground, already grown and engages the monster. After a short scuffle, Godman attempts to break Gorosaurus's jaw. But, at the last moment, Gorosaurus throws him to the side and they continue to battle. Much later, Godman attempts one more time, but fails once more. Frustrated, Godman summons and throws God-Circles at Gorosaurus, but he dodges all of them. However, Godman is persistent and uses his Super Sonic Wave attack which causes Gorosaurus to explode.



Weapons, Vehicles, and Races

  • God-Circles



  • This episode is notorious for showing in full detail the extent of the degradation that the Gorosaurus suit had sustained in its years of storage. His jaw is unusually loose, and hangs to one side, and his chest is very sunken. Finally, tears can be seen in the suit's legs, and the feet appear to be coming away from the rest of the suit.

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