Godman vs. Skeleto-Man No. 1 and Skeleto-Man No. 2 (ゴッドマン対スケルトマン No. 1 - スケルトマン No. 2,   Goddoman tai Sukerutonman No. 1 - Sukerutonman No. 2?) is the fifteenth episode of Go! Godman.


The episode begins with a young boy fishing in a small body of water. He gets a tug on the line but is unable to reel it in, no matter how hard he tries. He shouts for help reeling the fish in, but instead attracts the attention of a skeletal humanoid monster who appears behind him. The monster grabs the child causing him to faint, but the voices of other children call out for Godman. Godman flies across the sky and lands on a nearby hill, and the Skeleto-Man teleports there. Atop the hill, Godman and the monster fight as the child awakens and hides in a patch of tall grass to safely watch. Their battle on the hill lasts a long period of time but is halted when the Skeleto-Man teleports back to the child to further harass him. Godman runs to the scene, dodging darts being thrown by the Skeleto-Man. Godman summons a God-Circle and throws it at the monster. However unexpectedly, the Skeleto-Man catches the projectile and throws it to the ground next to him, causing it to explode and spontaneously create a second monster. The nearly identical monster duo teleport to an open field not far from where Godman is standing and taunt the hero to make him approach them. Godman makes sure the child is alright, and then jumps in between the two Skeleto-Men. Although outnumbered, Godman easily evades and parries all of the Skeleto-Mens' attacks and beats them both down to near unconsciousness. However, as Godman attempts to finish them both off, they disappear. This leaves Godman dumbfounded for a short time until the monsters reappear, this time much stronger. They pummel Godman with ease multiple times even flinging him off of a tall hill by his arms. Realizing he needs to approach the situation differently, Godman summons his flail God-Crush. Yet even wielding the weapon, the Skeleto-Men are able to overpower Godman, eventually throwing him to the ground and relentlessly beating on him. In a swift movement, Godman is able to knock the monsters back and get up, but gets his flail thrown off to the side. After more hand-to-hand combat, Godman is able to grab the weapon once more, this time delivering the final blows.



Weapons, Vehicles, and Races

  • God-Circles
  • God-Crush


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