Professor Noriko Yoshiwara arrives in a PBY-5A Seaplane flown by Burton Helzer at the mid-Pacific site where G-Force’s research boat is anchored. Beyond the boat, Godzilla floats upon the sea, in a comatose slumber. As Yoshiwara boards the ship, G-Force member Kino discovers that the scientist is carrying a stinger missile launcher in her gear. Helzer pulls a gun and holds G-Force at gunpoint while he explains what Godzilla means to those who survived his Tokyo rampage.

Yoshiwara is determined to kill Godzilla and avenge her parents. From the monster’s scale she has developed a poison which she will inject into Godzilla by means of the missile launcher. Yoshiwara puts her plan into effect, firing the hypodermic missile into Godzilla’s hide. Kino takes the opportunity to disarm Helzer but before Dr. Kagaku can decide what to do with Yoshiwara and Helzer, Godzilla awakens. G-Force and the pair of Tokyo survivors race aboard the seaplane, getting airborne just as Godzilla destroys the G-Force ship.

Bleeding profusely, Yoshiwara’s toxin appears to be taking effect as Godzilla sinks back into the depths.


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Godzilla: Ongoing

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