Take’ of G-Force is a guest on Kate Koshiro’s “Giant Eye” news program discussing Godzilla and rumors of his whereabouts. Godzilla has not been seen since Professor Noriko Yoshiwara poisoned him ten months ago. All of that changes when Godzilla appears on the coast of British Columbia, still bleeding profusely from the Yoshiwara’s toxin.

Kino sets out in a VTOL plane to fetch Take’ and attempt to use a new sonic lure to subdue Godzilla. Kate Koshiro overhears Kino and Take’ discussing Godzilla’s return and hurriedly gathers her crew together to get the story. Back at G-Force headquarters, Dr. Kagaku convinces Colonel Cameron to hold his forces back and let G-Force give the beacon a try. Canadian warplanes briefly engage the stricken Godzilla before the VTOL arrives on the scene. The beacon seems to work at first, but then it shorts out, enraging Godzilla further. A blast of radioactive flame downs the aircraft, the beacon falling into the forest. Take’ and Kino survive the crash and are rescued by Kate’s news helicopter. They recover the beacon and Kino determines that it was sabotaged.

Canadian military forces battle Godzilla until the gigantic form of the UN’s anti-Godzilla robot arrives – Cybersaur.


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Godzilla: Ongoing

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