As Kino and Take' flee the San Francisco earthquake, Godzilla appears within an iceberg in the north Atlantic in 1912. Kino and Take' arrive on the deck of the Titanic when G-Force convinces Dixon to tell them Mason's next target. Kino and Take' try to deter Godzilla from attacking with an energy weapon. As Mason prepares to collect the ship's loot, he and his sub are teleported to the far future of 2299. The lazy futurians ask that Mason bring them exotic animals from the past, especially Godzilla. Mason agrees to help them.

Meanwhile, Godzilla's attack alters history and he is credited with the sinking of the Titanic. As Godzilla again disappears, Kino and Take' along with two Titanic passengers are transported back to the present. Mason and his men loot a Victorian zoo while Godzilla rampages through the city. Helzer and Meltev arrive and try to stop Godzilla with a sonic cannon. As they drive him away, Mason hurriedly transports his men, the animals and Godzilla to the future.



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Godzilla: Ongoing

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