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In Harmony Cluster Nine, Mason's men are warned against descending below the 80th level and that they remain indoors after dark. After the futurian game show hosts who hired Mason agree to provide him with weapons of the future, mason agrees to secure Godzilla for them. Dixon arrives, being controlled by G-Force and asks Mason what his plans are. Mason receives the weapons. The mad scientist immediately transports Godzilla to the futuristic city. With the weapons, Mason plans to conquer Harmony Cluster Nine, perhaps transporting other monsters to the future in a bid to conquer the pacifistic and decadent futurians.

The imbecile futurians are unaware that Godzilla cannot be controlled as he smashes their city. Dixon argues with Mason that he cannot let Godzilla destroy the future, causing Mason to blast him with one of his new weapons, revealing Dixon to be a robot. The futurians impress on Mason to get his men to stop Godzilla, since the futurians are incapable of violence. As Mason leaves, G-Force emerges from the robot's head and returns to normal size. Elsewhere, Helzer and Meltev subdue mason as he addresses his men from a hovering platform. He falls into the armoury just as Godzilla arrives.

Before G-Force can capture Mason, he activates his time machine, but Godzilla swallows the mad scientist and starts to fade, headed for wherever Mason was going. G-Force leaves the future and returns to the present and tries to determine where in time Godzilla has wound up.


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