Godzilla repulses Bagorah, despite being too weak to use his atomic breath. Jets lure the space monster out to sea. As Take’ and Dr. Kagaku lead efforts to evacuate Cybersaur’s crew, Col. Cameron spies Kate, Reiko, Yoshiwara, and Helzer and orders them arrested.

Bagorah catches one of the jets and decides that metal doesn’t taste good. He abandons the chase and settles upon a skyscraper in Vancouver, planning his next move. Meanwhile, Godzilla advances on the city. He soon finds Bagorah and the two monsters renew their interrupted battle, Godzilla still too weak to use his fire.

G-Force evacuates Kino from Cybersaur just before the robot’s fuel explodes, completely destroying the machine. In Vancouver, Godzilla is finally strong enough to use his flame, blasting Bagorah at point blank range. Severely wounded, the space monster flees and dives into the sea. Godzilla follows Bagorah’s example and also heads out to sea.

Later, in a military prison, Col. Cameron questions Professor Yoshiwara. After verifying that no one else can recreate her toxin, Cameron shoots her, telling the guard on duty outside that she has committed suicide.


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