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Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island is a 108 page long book written by Scott Ciencin.


Godzilla: Journey to Monster Island picks up right where Godzilla Invades America leaves off. Godzilla is still wandering around America, wishing for monster friends and looking for a place to belong, and a number of other mutated monstrosities created by some misguided experimentation detailed in the last novel are following the same endeavor. Our protagonists, however, are not giant monsters. The protagonists are yet another set of orphans.

This time the orphans are the 12-year-old twins Amy and Roy O'Neil, and like the orphan Tomo from the last book, they possess psychic powers. Amy and Roy live in an orphanage in the state of Washington, and at the beginning of the book they are looking for a fellow orphan who has run away from the orphanage. Instead, they find Godzilla.

Amy discovers that she can manipulate Godzilla with bursts of projected feelings and imagery via her psychic link with him, and Godzilla takes the children and helps them find the runaway. Unfortunately, the military forces of America, which had been monitoring Godzilla's actions, sees their interaction and thinks Godzilla has hostile intentions. Warfare breaks out between Godzilla and the combat unit, and things get even hairier when the aforementioned mutated monsters, led by Varan, show up. When kaijuologist Hiro Kuroyama finds out that the psychic children can manipulate the monsters, together they hatch a wild plan—to lead Godzilla and the rest of the beastly brood on a danger-laden journey across land and sea to a distant, unnamed South Pacific island to join two other monsters (Rodan and Anguirus) at a research facility where they can all live together in peace.

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