Godzilla is back... in an all-new ongoing series! Duane Swierczynski and Simon Gane launch this ultimate action-movie blockbuster, ushering in a new era of monster battles. Ex-special forces tough-guy Boxer is a man with a grudge and vows to end the terror of Godzilla, no matter what. He assembles a top notch team to take down monster-sized threats... at $7 billion a bounty. What starts as a vendetta could become a lucrative business for Boxer... if he can live past day one! „ 

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Forty Stories of Sheer Terror is the first issue of Godzilla: Ongoing. It was released on May 23, 2012.


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In Mexico, Kumonga attacks the wedding of Irving "Urv" Jassim. Many of the guests, including his groom, are killed, and Urv tries to avenge them by blowing up a can of gas against Kumonga. His efforts don't faze Kumonga however, and it makes its way deeper into the city. Elsewhere in the world, Rodan attacks the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace in Brazil and Battra attacks the Yongsan Garrison in Seoul, South Korea. Lastly, Godzilla arrives in Washington D.C., which has been recently rebuilt from the events during Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters. As Godzilla attacks the city, Boxer, who is an ex-British Special Forces officer, tried to keep the daughter of a rich Japanese official that is under his protection alive during the chaos. After Godzilla leaves Washington, Boxer calls Urv, asking him, "Whatcha doin' this weekend?"








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