As our world recovers following Godzilla's climactic battle against the Devonians, a threat unlike any before takes aim at not only our world, but the monsters themselves! One of the biggest chapters in the series starts right here! „ 

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Strangers is the fourteenth issue of IDW Publishing's Godzilla comic series, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth; it was released on July 23, 2014.


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After getting defeated and badly wounded by a Mechagodzilla, Anguirus attempts to get up and roars in anger, but is hit in the snout and knocked down by the robot. As Mechagodzilla prepares to blast Anguirus with its chest beam, Anguirus rolls away from the attack, only for Mechagodzilla to turn its head around and fire its eye lasers at Anguirus. Mechagodzilla then tries to break Anguirus’ jaws, but Anguirus frees himself by smacking Mechagodzilla’s face with his tail, slightly damaging its eye and lower jaw. Anguirus then rolls at Mechagodzilla, but it throws Anguirus away and blasts him with all of its weapons at once, seemingly killing him. Dyachenko then recalls the Mechagodzilla to Russia. Meanwhile, Lucy and the CKR team discover the seemingly dead Anguirus on a camera and travel to the arctic circle to recover the body. In Boston, Steven Woods meets up with his old friend Allie at a café. Their conversation comes to an abrupt stop as Godzilla suddenly appears in the city, with a nuclear submarine in his hand. Fighter jets shoot at him, but Godzilla destroys one of them by blasting it with his atomic breath. As Godzilla is destroying Boston, the Kaiju Investigation Team and the CKR arrive to investigate Anguirus' "dead" body and see how exactly he died. As the team is busy unpacking their equipment, one of the members notices that Anguirus’ leg was moving. As soon as Kiryu arrives to recover Anguirus, Anguirus wakes up, but is too weak to fight Kiryu off. Kiryu then straps Anguirus to himself and lifts him up, revealing several missiles lodged in his stomach. Meanwhile, Dyachenko receives permission from a U.S. senator to unleash his Mechagodzilla units in Boston to destroy Godzilla. As the issue ends, it is revealed that Dyachenko is actually the Cryog commander, Rhizon, in disguise.




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