Welcome to Ghana, 1975. The criminal underworld has found a way to summon monsters and they've chosen the African country as a trial run for the first ever monster mash-up! A horde of kaiju are on the way and different military teams, each specifically trained to thwart each monster's capabilities, enter the fray. During the chaos, Lieutenant Ota stumbles upon the source of the chaos! „ 

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Ghana, 1975 is the third issue of Godzilla: The Half-Century War. It was released on October 17, 2012.


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It's the year 1975. Since the A.M.F.'s chance encounter with Anguirus in 1967, more giant monsters have started to appear: Rodan, Mothra, Megalon, Kumonga, Hedorah, and Ebirah. To counter these new threats, the A.M.F. has expanded its ranks to include more anti-monster teams, one for each monster.

Now, all of the world's monsters - including Godzilla - have all mysteriously converged at Accra, Ghana, and are causing massive damage to the city. Ota, Ken, Schooler, and the A.M.F.'s anti-monster teams have assembled at a half-destroyed hotel. Schooler notices that the power station across the city is mysteriously active. A decision is made to investigate it. Everyone gets into the van of one of the Mothra strike team's members, and a wild chase ensues across the city, with the driver skillfully avoiding being trampled by the fighting monsters. Unfortunately, before making it to the power station, the van crashes straight through Hedorah, and the van barely makes it to the station.

The A.M.F. makes its way through the bowels of the station and knocks out two armed guards. They soon eavesdrop on the mastermind of the entire monster attack on the city - rogue A.M.F. scientist Dr. Deverich, who created the Psionic Transmitter (as seen in the last issue) and is currently putting a newer version - the one that summoned the monsters - up for auction. Ota and the rest of the A.M.F. burst in and try to arrest the man, but the mad scientist activates a master control switch that summons all the monsters to attack the power station.

Deverich escapes, and the A.M.F. manage to get out - save for Schooler, who is pinned by debris. Ota tries to get his commanding officer out, but he refuses his help and gets crushed by more falling debris as Godzilla and the other monsters run over the station, killing him. Ota screams in anger and collapses as the monsters continue their battle in the city.




  • Psionic Transmitter


  • Anti-Megalosaurus Forces


  • Ota Murakami
  • Kentaro Yoshihara
  • Colonel Schooler
  • Doctor Deverich






  • This issue marks the first time in the entire Godzilla franchise wherein a country of Africa, excluding Egypt, is the setting.
  • Dr. Deverich's name is an obvious portmanteau of Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich's last names.

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