Godzilla: The Planet Eater (Original Soundtrack)
Godzilla The Planet Eater - Original Soundtrack cover
Foreign title(s)

Gojira Hoshi o Kuu Mono

General Information
Composed by

Takayuki Hattori


Toho Animation Records

Production Information
Distributed by

Toho Company Ltd.

Release date

November 7, 2018


Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (Original Soundtrack)

The Godzilla: The Planet Eater Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for the 2018 film of the same name. The soundtrack was officially announced on October 11, 2018.


  1. 神を見いだす者 (Those who find God)
  2. 星を喰う者 (The Planet Eater)
  3. 静まるゴジラ (Quiet Godzilla)
  4. ナノメタル-脅威- (Nanometal - Threat)
  5. メトフィエス-優しさ- (Metphies - Kindness)
  6. 信仰 (Faith)
  7. 崇拝 (Worship)
  8. 疑念 (Doubt)
  9. メトフィエス-思惑- (Metphies - Speculation)
  10. ビルサルドの反逆 (Bilusaludo Rebellion)
  11. 導き (Guidance)
  12. 逃げる選択 (Choice to Escape)
  13. 命をつなぐ (Connect Life)
  14. 祈り (Prayer)
  15. マイナ (Maina)
  16. 生贄 (Sacrifice)
  17. 悪夢 (Nightmare)
  18. 召喚 (Summoning)
  19. ギドラ (Ghidorah)
  20. 目覚め (Awakening)
  21. 対峙 (Confrontation)
  22. 熱線攻撃 (Heat Ray Attack)
  23. ギドラの脅威 (Ghidorah's threat)
  24. 心の支配 (Mind Control)
  25. 眼 (Eye)
  26. 地球を喰いつくす攻撃 (Attack that Consumes the Earth)
  27. 葛藤 (Conflict)
  28. 最終段階 (The Final Stage)
  29. 破滅と救い (Ruin and Salvation)
  30. 別れ (Farewell)
  31. 最後の一人 (The Last One)
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