The Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. soundtrack was released on 2003, with music by Michiru Oshima and Masami Nagasawa.


  1. Toho Logo/Mothra in Flight/Main Title
  2. The Little Beauties Visit
  3. Mothra Departs
  4. Press Conference
  5. Reunion
  6. Island of Memories
  7. Akane and Yoshito
  8. Realm of God
  9. Beached Kamoebas
  10. The Nuclear Submarine is Attacked
  11. Repair Status
  12. Azusa and Yoshito
  13. Ministry Bureau's Cross Examination
  14. Godzilla vs. the Fleet Escort Force
  15. The SDF Goes into Battle Formation
  16. Godzilla vs. Ground SDF/Landing
  17. Imago Mothra Comes Flying
  18. Imago Mothra vs. Godzilla
  19. Yoshito's Bitterness
  20. Imago Mothra vs. Godzilla II
  21. Mothra's Song
  22. Imago Mothra vs, Godzilla III
  23. Call to Arms
  24. Kiryu Mobilization
  25. Tokyo Tower Collapses/Godzilla vs. Kiryu I
  26. Yoshito in the Schoolyard/Godzilla vs. Kiryu II
  27. Larvae Mothra Are Born
  28. Mothra Larvae in the Sea
  29. Rescuing Two People
  30. The Mothra Larvae Land
  31. Imago Mothra Dies
  32. Yoshito Goes to Repair Kiryu I
  33. Yoshito Goes to Repair Kiryu II
  34. The Little Beauties Lead the Way
  35. Kiryu Repaired
  36. Cannot Escape/National Diet Building Collapses
  37. Mesa All Out Attack
  38. Prayer
  39. Kiryu in Flight/Yoshito Rescued/To the Japan Trench
  40. Only Courage Wins/Saluting
  41. End Credits
  42. Send-Off Party
  43. Mothra's Song 2003 Version


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