The 1998 Godzilla pinball game is a pinball machine manufactured by Sega Pinball Inc. that was released into arcades in January of 1998.


This game plays like any normal pinball game. 50 cents have to be inserted to play. The game starts with the screen saying "Size Does Matter!", followed by Godzilla's roar and an animation showing an iguana looking into the distance as a nuclear bomb goes off, engulfing the screen. The score then shows up, and when the player gets his or her ball in a special place cutscenes can occur, like when getting the taxi, a man shouting "Hey taxi!" to a taxi visible on screen only to have Godzilla's foot land on the taxi and give the player a Multiball Bonus, where they can complete it for 5,000,000 points. The only goal in this game is to get a higher high score.


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