"Godzilla" is a 2014 song produced by Mefjus featuring vocals from dutch vocal group Dope D.O.D from the album Emulation.


Rappers boast about their prowess and reputation, using kaiju and monsters as metaphors.



[Verse 1: Skits Vicious]

Check it…Yes… Yo.. [What?]

I get my drink on

And play ping pong with King-Kong

Dinner time, hear the bell ring ding dong

Got a snake bitch with the pink string on

Ask Medusa she’ll tell you that the dick’s long

Godzilla, player with the pinky ring

You talk tough but I heard you scared of Blinky bling

Feeling dizzy? I’m sorry but I spiked your drink

In a minute they’ll change the way you like to think

Bite the dust now click, click, blow

One sweep from the the tail breaks your district down

District 9, killer kids hit rewind

The grey goose gets cracked in, tits get signed

I’m a big boss, you a barto with Nick Frost

You a cardboard rapper wearin' lip gloss

I stick a jigsaw trapped to your thick jaw

Live by the law, the claw


[Verse 2: Jay Reaper]

I spew syllables, kill it cold, smooth criminal

There he go, let me know when you’re ready to face the beast

I put my cleats against your cheeks now taste defeat

Don’t sleep cause we comin' for more

Straight runnin' through your door

Gunnin' like this war made me rugged and raw like Chuck Norr'

Flawed I’m ignoring the law

This shit that I saw, you never seen before

I’m godzilla

Nobody rock iller

Top n***a, top killa, top ripper, top jigga

I put em in a box ‘n say easy

Take 'em to the top and get dropped boy, believe me

[Verse 3: Dopey Rotten]

King of the monsters, only here to haunt ya

Microphone mobster, get the rocket launcher

No need for doctors, you’re a goner

Sorry holy father, boys bring the horror

You know I’m out of order, killed the live reporter

Torturing your daughter, I’m taping with a camcorder

Move forward, grenades from the trench mortar

The first time that I ever saw red water

Some short disorder, on reaching every corner

Breaking down mortals — I’m the enforcer

Galaxy explorer, your lifespan shorter

You’re automated bots, no Transformers

Nothing cool cause the globe’s getting warmer

Looking at the moon, think it’s first quarter

Treat this like a game — Command and Conquer

Rotten’s signing out you’ve just woke up the monster!


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