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Godzilla Dominion is a graphic novel prequel to the 2021 MonsterVerse film, Godzilla vs. Kong. The graphic novel chronicles a day in the life of Godzilla as he searches for a new home following the destruction of his lair in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Along the way, Godzilla must defend his territory, and crosses paths with other Titans such as Scylla, Behemoth, and Tiamat.


A unique story that picks up after the events of the film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, where the Titans have risen and the reign of Godzilla has begun. As told entirely from Godzilla’s point of view, the graphic novel brings new insights into the King of Monsters: his habitats, ancient rivalries, challenges, and encounters with new Titans. As his new era of dominance is tested, a coming confrontation with another King looms.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Writer Greg Keyes
  • Art Drew Edward Johnson
  • Cover Arthur Adams
  • Color Allan Passalaqua
  • Lettering Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt
  • Design Comicraft, Tyler Smith
  • Editors Robert Napton, Jann Jones
  • Story and Mythology Development Barbaby Legg
  • MonsterVerse Creative Josh Parker, Katie Aguilar, Brian Hoffman
  • Special Thanks Alex Garcia, Jay Ashenfelter, Brooke Hansohn, Zak Kline, George Tew, Makenna Knudson, Jennifer Stewart, Sarah Jarvis, Tracy Brown, Brie Dorsey, Aaron John Gregory, Legendary Legal, Legendary Marketing, Spencer Douglas, Rui Machida, Chris Mowry



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