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Godzilla Island (ゴジラアイランド, Gojira Airando) is an island in the South pacific where most of Earth's monsters live. It was the setting on the 1997-1998 television series of the same name.


Although the story of how Godzilla Island came to be is not known, what is known is that, by the year 2097, the tropical paradise is home to most of the planet's monsters. The job of monitoring the monsters and protecting them falls to the G-Guard Commander, who all but lives on the island with only the company of the robot Lucas. However, an alien race known as the Xiliens arives on Earth intending to conquer the planet, starting with Godzilla Island! It is up to the Commander, Lucas, the alien Torema, the Commander's daughter Misato, her friend Nao, and all the monsters living on the island to protect their home from the Xiliens and their horde of evil space monsters.

List of Monsters Living on Godzilla Island

List of G-Guard Mechas on Godzilla Island

List of Vehicles

  • Vabaruda - Xilien's spacecraft (two appear in the series)
  • Vabaruda Escape Pods - Used to evacuate the ship in case of an emergency
  • Panatolute - Torema's spacecraft
  • Tart-Coupe - Misato's ship
  • Space Hunter Nebula M Spaceship

List of Locations on Godzilla Island

  • G-Guard Base
  • Sanda Plains
  • Gabara Pond
  • Mt. Gaira
  • Hot Springs Rodan
  • Gorath Volcano
  • Monster Temple
  • Matango Island (nearby island where some of the series' action takes place)


  • Most of the locations on (and around) Godzilla Island are named after various Toho special effects films and monsters that did not appear in the series. For example, Matango Island is named after the Matango. Gorath Volcano is named after the collapsed star from 1961's Gorath. The Sanda Plains are named after Sanda the "Brown Gargantua" from 1966's War of the Gargantuas. Both Gabara Pond and Gaira Mountain are also named after monsters that, like the Matango and Sanda, did not appear in the Godzilla Island series, a tribute to the long and rich history of Toho's monster movies.
  • Near the end of the series, it is descovered that Godzilla Island is located on what used to be the ancient continent of Mu, which had center stage in the 1962 film Atragon. While the sea dragon Manda never appears, the Gotengo (known here as the "Gyotengo") does make an appearence.
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