The Godzilla Raids Again soundtrack was initially released in 1998, with music by Masaru Sato.

The soundtrack got a second release under the distribution of the Toho Music Corporation on September 20, 2004.



  1. Main Title (M1A)
  2. Battle At Iwato Island
  3. Dragons Falling (unused)
  4. The Quiet Peace
  5. Godzilla Located
  6. SDF Scramble
  7. Godzilla In Osaka Bay
  8. Flares & Godzilla
  9. Scarlet Chain Reaction
  10. Osaka In Flames
  11. Death Battle At Osaka Castle
  12. Osaka In Ashes
  13. Northern Land With Dancing Snow
  14. Godzilla Advances
  15. Fighter Sortie
  16. Kobayashi's Plane & Godzilla
  17. Death Of Kobayashi I
  18. Death Of Kobayashi II
  19. Memories Left
  20. Battle To The Death
  21. Last Attack
  22. Ending
  23. Godzilla Located
  24. Kobayashi's Plane & Godzilla (unused)
  25. Death Of Kobayashi
  26. Godzilla I
  27. Godzilla II
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