Leap over Martian invaders — scale ladders — jump the man traps — rescue “the girl of your dreams” — oxygen pollution and time limited — for SUPERHUMANS only „ 

— Quick summary from the cassette inlay

Godzilla & the Martians is a 1984*[1][2] platformer video game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum developed by Neil Streeter of Temptation Software Ltd.


"The Martians have invaded, destroying the molecular structure of earth's atmosphere to make it compatible with their own planet. “The girl of your dreams” is trapped at the top of a building site but for the moment protected from the evil invaders by a friendly Dinosaur!

"You must rescue her before the oxygen is totally absorbed. Martians kill, so do the man traps which you must leap — SUPERHUMANS only can play this game."



There are a total of 5 different moves that can be performed in Godzilla and the Martians.

Key Move
1 Jump to the left. Hold down to do a continuous string of jumps.
0 Jump to the right. Hold down to do a continuous string of jumps.
7 Go up (escalators).
5 Move to the left.
8 Move to the right. Hold down to continue moving.


The player takes control of a man, and has the objective of reaching the girl at the top of the building site. To do this, the player must navigate through the level by jumping over the martians as well as the man traps (holes) when they're in the space closest to the player. Points are rewarded whenever an escalator is climbed as well as when a level is finished, with bonus points being given depending on how much oxygen is left. If the oxygen starts flashing red, it is impossible to complete the level successfully. The point of the game is to get a high score—one hit, and it's game over.

Godzilla's role in the game is entirely aesthetic.

Map of the level. Green indicates spots where the player should jump. Red indicates spots wherein if the player jumps, death is guaranteed. Cyan indicates safe spots where the martians can't reach. Yellow indicates winning spot. Note: The player should be aware of martians when jumping and try to wait for a more suitable time to jump.




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