Godzilla vs. Megalon (Soundtrack)
Foreign title(s)

Gojira tai Megaro

General Information
Composed by

Riichiro Manabe

Production Information
Release date



Godzilla vs. Gigan


Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

The Godzilla vs. Megalon soundtrack was released in 1993, with music by Riichiro Manabe.


  1. Opening
  2. Main Title
  3. Changes Of The Lake
  4. Highway Road
  5. What The Intruder's Left Behind
  6. Deteriorated Room
  7. Intent Of The Intrusion
  8. Chase
  9. Making Of A Robot
  10. Kidnap I
  11. Kidnap II
  12. Underwater Kingdom
  13. Megalon On Land
  14. Jet Jaguar Takes Action
  15. Car Chase
  16. Defense Team Takes Action
  17. Attack Preparation
  18. Crisis In The Container
  19. Megalon Approaches
  20. Attack Begins
  21. Monster Island Flies
  22. M. Space Hunter Sends Message To Star
  23. Invincible Megalon
  24. Godzilla Of Monster Island
  25. The Fierceness Of Megalon & Gigan
  26. The Big Transformation Of Jet Jaguar
  27. Jet Jaguar
  28. Godzilla By Way Of The Sea
  29. Bitter Battle
  30. Godzilla Appears
  31. Monster Match I
  32. Monster Match II
  33. Monster Match III
  34. Strike Back
  35. Godzilla's Strong Punch
  36. Victory Shake
  37. Jet Jaguar Growth
  38. Godzilla & Jet Jaguar Punch-Punch
  39. Godzilla & Jet Jaguar Punch-Punch-Punch
  40. Godzilla & Jet Jaguar Punch-Punch-Punch (Karaoke version)
  41. Godzilla & Jet Jaguar Punch-Punch-Punch (record version)
  42. Ending
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