Godzilla vs. Space Monster book cover

Godzilla vs. the Space Monster is a 108-page-long book written by Scott Ciencin, illustrated by Bob Eggleton, and published in 1998 by Random House.



The story is about Troy Richmond, a child living in Indiana who finds a meteor from the same planet as King Ghidorah. A being from that planet then enters Troy's mind. The golden dragon makes it way to Earth and attacks Monster Island, angering the quarreling monsters there. King Ghidorah then proceeds to begin destroying human cities, and Troy, with telepathic powers given to him by the alien in his mind, is forced to unite the monsters. They all eventually join Godzilla and finally dispatch the dragon by encasing it in a giant crystal that was placed on Earth by an alien civilization to monitor human civilization. The being in Troy's mind leaves him, promising to keep control of King Ghidorah and prevent it from ever destroying civilizations again. Finally, Monster Island is closed to humans, leaving the monsters alone and free.


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