Gojipedia is the comprehensive and definitive database about the Godzilla franchise and related franchises alongside it, including Gamera and King Kong.

The name for the site is derived from the prefix of Godzilla's Japanese name Gojira (ゴジ?) and the Japanese suffix of Wikipedia (ペディア?). This naming convention imitates that of the nicknames for Godzilla suits, such as the ShodaGoji, but inverses the convention, pushing the usual "Goji" suffix to the forefront to exemplify the focus on Gojira, or Godzilla.

Currently, the site is run by three administrators. They are Project Predacon, ShodaiGoro, and Gallibon the DESTOROYAH!!!


  • Policy - General policies for the site.
  • Style guide - A style guide to articles and their content.
  • Citation - A guide towards citation and formatting of references.
  • Media - A guide towards media and its use on the wiki.
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