Wikizilla chat is a place where any and all users can talk with anyone they please about anything, mainly kaiju. If you follow these rules, you'll be fine. All questions or comments should be directed towards the chat moderators or an administrator.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a kick at the very least and an indefinite block at the worst.

No profanity

Swearing is not allowed in chat and will be censored if submitted. Do not use it to offend other people who are in chat. Use of it for humorous purposes is fine, but will result in a kick if overused. Failure to comply will result in a ban from the chat room indefinitely.

No harassment

Don't use the chat room to harass other users. Users caught harassing will be immediately banned from the chat room. Death threats will result in an indefinite block.

No fighting

There will be disagreements from time to time. Fighting is not the way to solve it. Be mature. There are differences between a healthy debate using facts and a fight, and those differences are very noticeable. Do not call someone else childish names or swears. Failure to comply will result in a kick or a ban from the chat room. Starting fights will also not be tolerated.

Be respectful

This one is self-explanatory. Don't treat someone bad because of their opinion, and do not be immature and call their role-play characters by derogatory terms. If you have a problem with another user/role-player, talk it out in private messages or in the main chat, don't be a propagandist, and be mature about it.

No trolling

There's a line between joking around and flat out trolling. Don't try to cross that line. If you find that everyone in chat is trolling you, feel free to take a screenshot of the chat and report it to an administrator or chat moderator that hasn't trolled you. Don't try to come up with excuses if you're caught. Admitting what you've done will be more likely to get you a shorter ban.

Do not link to virus-infected websites, screamers, illegal websites, pornography, or anything of the like. Don't act like an unlikeable person in the role-play or anything.

No sensuality

No sensuality is allowed in the chat room whatsoever. This includes flirting and any type of sexual come-on. Innuendos and jokes of the like are allowed, but they cannot cross the line. Linking to porn will get you kicked immediately.

No role-playing

Role-playing in Wikizilla's chat room is not allowed. Instead, go to Wikizilla Role-Play Wiki's chat room.

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