Gorath as it appears in the film Gorath

Gorath (ゴラス,   Gorasu?) is a runaway celestial body that first appears in the 1962 Toho film, Gorath (as a super dense star) and later makes an appearance in the film Godzilla: Final Wars in 2004, as a fake "planet" later revealed to be an asteroid.


Showa era


In 1981, Scientists noticed the presence of a rogue star approaching Earth. This star was promptly called Gorath, and it was realized that Gorath would destroy Earth if the two bodies collided, requiring a task-force to figure out how to deflect it or move the Earth out of its path.

Millennium series

Godzilla: Final Wars

After the Xiliens revealed themselves to the people of Earth and teleported away the monsters attacking the planet's major cities, their leader, the Controller of Planet X, explained that his race had come to save mankind from an impending disaster. He revealed that a gigantic runaway asteroid called Gorath was on a collision course with the Earth and would arrive and destroy it very soon, and that the Xiliens wanted to prevent this disaster from happening. However, Miyuki Otonashi and some of the Earth Defense Force's members concluded that Gorath was not real and that the Xiliens had more sinister intentions. Whether the Controller was being honest or not about this threat never came to pass, as he was usurped and murdered by X soon afterwards.

After the Xiliens' plan was exposed and the remaining members of the EDF boarded the Xilien Mothership, X released his trump card against Godzilla. X summoned the real Gorath asteroid to Tokyo, but Godzilla managed to destroy it with his atomic breath, creating a massive explosion that destroyed a large area of the city. However, Gorath was merely a vessel for transporting the Xiliens' ultimate weapon, the creature known as Monster X, who descended to the ground and challenged Godzilla.

Toho reboot series

Godzilla: Project Mechagodzilla

Gorath was an asteroid with a diameter of approximately 30 kilometers, and a mass comparable to the Moon, that threatened to destroy the planet Earth. Battra was originally awakened to destroy the incoming asteroid, but was killed before he was able to by Godzilla Earth. Godzilla then ended up destroying the incoming threat with a superpowered variant of his particle breath.


  • Gorath also appears in the 2015 TOHO KAIJU expansion for Bandai's trading card game Battle Spirits.
  • Gorath shares its name with the Doctor Strange villain Shuma-Gorath owned by Marvel Comics.

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