Goro Maki (牧 吾郎,   Maki Gorō?) is the main human protagonist in the 1967 Godzilla film, Son of Godzilla.


Son of Godzilla

While flying over Sollgel island, Goro feels a pain in his stomach, a sign that there is a scoop in the area. At first, the team of scientists on the island do not take kindly to him, but later warm up when the group leader reasons that they are short handed, there is no quick way off the island, and that need someone to cook and clean. At first Maki does not want to do this, but is met with the choice of that, or swimming home.

On Goro's first night, a Kamacuras nears the camp. Goro is at first quite surprised at them, and gives them their name. Shortly after Goro's arrival, the weather conditions mellow to a point where the team's weather experiments are able to begin. after the experiment, Goro expresses concern for the "native girl" he saw in the forest earlier that day. his concerns are scoffed at, under the proclamation that the island is uninhabited. Later on, when items disappear from the camp, Maki is proven to be right, as the thief was in fact the "native girl".

Shortly after the discovery of the girl, Riko Matsumiya, the Kamacuras make a pilgrimage to a place where there is radio interference. It is then revealed that the Kamacuras have gone to terminate the source of the interference, Minilla. Godzilla appears, and the fighting drives the scientists and Goro out of the base, and into Riko's cave. Goro, Riko, and the team are then rescued by a United Nations submarine.


Son of Godzilla

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