Goshilla is one of the main monsters featured in the video game Crush, Crumble and Chomp!


Goshilla is a large, bipedal amphibian monster with green skin.


With its belly aching with hunger, Goshilla destroyed half of Tokyo. It had failed to eat the cars, and all of the civilians on the streets were gone. Goshilla attempted to capture and eat a helicopter, but grew annoyed of it constantly attacking it. After three tries, Goshilla finally destroyed the helicopter with its atomic breath. After seeing something moving in the distance, Goshilla went after it, only to go berserk from lack of food. After coming out of its blind haze, Goshilla goes berserk again, this time going after a power plant.

The manual tells of an example scenario for Goshilla to engage in. Called Goshilla vs. the Smog Monster, Goshilla attacks a smog-filled Tokyo. Destroying everything it can, it could enter the two rivers for faster travel.


Goshilla is an amphibious monster who can travel much better in the water than on land. Goshilla leaves a corrosive trail of radioactive waste wherever it goes. Goshilla also utilizes atomizing breath.


Goshilla is very slow on land, and gets hungry quickly. Using its atomic breath makes it even hungrier. If it doesn't get enough food, it will go berserk, a state where it loses control.


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