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Greenman vs. Bullpull (グリーンマン対ブルプル,   Gurīnman tai Burupuru?) is the fifth episode of Go! Greenman.


After spying on a group of children playing with toy cars, Maoh tells Tonchiki to mutate another of his Minions into a monster to retrieve the children's blood. Sure enough, a Minion of Maoh quickly transforms into Bullpull and is planted in one of the children's toy cars. The car leaps from the child's hand and explodes into a cloud of smoke, revealing Bullpull. He chases the kids until one of them pulls out a Green Call and signals Greenman to Earth. Greenman immediately appears and begins fighting with Bullpull. Bullpull is quickly beaten, and is even picked up and thrown. Fearing defeat, Tonchiki made Bullpull grow to giant proportions, and to continue the fight, Greenman did the same. Eventually, Bullpull decided to use his secret ability, of telepathy. Bullpull managed to control Greenman's arm to continuously stiffen. Luckily, Greenman was able to break free from Bullpull's control almost immediately. He attempted to fire a Leg Arrow at the monster, but he dodged out of the way. After more fighting, Bullpull used his telepathy to stiffen his arm once more. Greenman then summoned the Greenman Stick, but Bullpull nearly pulled it out of his hand with his telepathy. Greenman eventually managed to break free of the telepathy for good using the Greenman Stick. Greenman beat down Bullpull with the weapon, and finally destroyed it with its explosive tip.



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