The GyakushuMekagoji (逆襲メカゴジ?) is the Mechagodzilla suit design used in the 1975 Godzilla film, Terror of Mechagodzilla.


The GyakushuMekagoji's name comes from Terror of Mechagodzilla's Japanese title, specifically the word gyakushū (逆襲?) meaning counterattack, and Mekagoji, which comes from Mechagodzilla's Japanese name, Mekagojira (メカゴジラ?).


The GyakushuMekagoji's appearance is very similar to that of its predecessor, the ShodaiMekagoji, and without close examination could look virtually identical to it. In comparison to its predecessor, this suit has longer finger missiles, one big metal piece on its hand plate, a more defined and prominent shoulder frill, one silver button on the chest, one silver button underneath the chest cannon, and two silver buttons above the crotch.

In addition to these differences, it possesses a triangle underneath the chest cannon, two lightning-like pieces coming up the chest, sharp spurs that stick out of the back of the feet, knee plates that get really small and thin half way and go around the back, a smooth and solid tail blade with three big bolts in it, V-shaped plates on the tail, and blue and orange "MG2" initials on its arms that stand for "Mecha Godzilla 2", thus giving it the name Mechagodzilla 2 (メカゴジラ2,   Mekagojira Tsu?)[1].


  • This suit reuses the same headpiece from the ShodaiMekagoji, but features a completely newly-constructed body and paint job.
  • The GyakushuMekagoji is the oldest suit known to still be intact, as it has been put on display numerous times since the start of the new millennium. However, it appears that Toho pieced together remaining parts of both Mechagodzilla suits, as the preserved suit's chest and crotch are from the ShodaiMekagoji.

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  1. メカゴジラ(ツー)2
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